Se7enBites owner announces new restaurant in downtown Orlando

By : Jeremy Williams
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You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in Orlando who didn’t have local eatery Se7enBites at or near the top of their list for the best place to eat in town.

The comfort foods and delicious baked goods make it THE place for breakfast, brunch and lunch; but alas we have been on our own for dinnertime … until now. Well, until next year.

Se7enBites owner Trina Gregory-Propst and wife Va Propst are aiming to bring a bit of their own Italian cuisine to downtown Orlando in April 2019 with their new restaurant, Sette. That’s the number seven in Italian if you didn’t know.

Trina and Va shared a few details with Faiyaz Kara from the Orlando Weekly, saying this dinner-only restaurant will feature pasta made from scratch, an expanded dessert menu and, of course, an array of Italian comfort foods.

They don’t currently have a space or opening date yet but you can expect a pop-up teaser dinner at Se7enBites within the next couple of months so that you can get a taste of what they’re cooking.

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