Florida AG Pam Bondi files suit against defunct Legendary Journeys, ‘Al and Chuck’

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed legal action against Legendary Journeys, Inc., owner/president Adrian L. Ferguson, Jr. and vice president Charles T. Scott Aug. 21, alleging the defunct travel agency owes consumers over $3 million.

Defendants Ferguson and Scott, commonly known as Al and Chuck, operated the LGBTQ-friendly, Sarasota-based travel agency and its statewide branches until its abrupt closure Oct. 24, 2017. According to the complaint, the duo “deceptively and unfairly collected millions of dollars from consumers for the supposed purpose of booking travel but failed to deliver on the promised trips or to issue refunds to their customers.”

It further alleges that “in the run up to announcing Legendary’s closure and even afterward, Ferguson took money consumers paid for vacation packages and used it to pay his personal expenses, make extra payroll distributions, and even to pay for Scott’s shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue.”

Ferguson took to Facebook to address the matter. “Again, dramatic misinformation on the closure of Legendary Journeys happens today,” he publicly shared, seen below. “Publicity, innuendo and gossip rule our world, But for the last 10 months I have done everything possible to bring all of this to a satisfactory conclusion. I have followed to the letter the states bankruptcy and business closure procedures / administrator recommendations and requests. I have given all real estate and company assets and it has been sold for the customer settlement fund.”

“I have authorized dramatic refunds (more than seven figures) for credit card settlement already. I have cooperated in every way possible way including providing people to assist in admin, operating many services after closure and more,” Ferguson continued. “Information suggested today is completely inaccurate to completely wrong. All this said without advising me legally first. I will continue to do my best. I have not run away from this. I will not. So I say this loud and clear. I will stand up and face every legal issue suggested (but these personal allegations are NOT true). To those without ALL accurate information will say whatever. It doesn’t accomplish anything but venting against me. I understand. And will still do my best. And that is the absolute best I can do.”

As of May 18, over 800 consumers have made claims against Legendary Journeys, Inc., totaling nearly $3.2 million dollars. The Attorney General’s Office is seeking permanent injunctive relief, full restitution and the imposition of civil penalties and fees.

Consumers who paid for travel can file a complaint by calling 866-966-7226 or file online at MyFloridaLegal.com.

To read the state’s complaint in full, click here.

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