Issue 25.16: Primary Season

By : Jake Stevens
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LGBTQ and ally cadidates talk Florida’s August 28 vote, Come Out With Pride announces their weeklong schedule of events, Come OUT St. Pete’s second year to feature daytime Grand Central parade, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 25.16 // Aug. 9-22, 2018

On the Cover | Page 23
Primary Season: We talk to LGBTQ and ally candidates ahead of Florida’s primary elections.

Extended Pride | Page 8
Come Out With Pride announces its weeklong schedule of events for 2018.

Parade Central | Page 10
Come OUT St. Pete’s second year will feature a daytime Grand Central parade.

Oh Myyyy | Page 31
Activist, actor and social media guru George Takei is getting into the app game with “House of Cats.”

House Musice: Page 37
An LGBTQ-themed show joins Winter Park Playhouse’s new musical festival.

Last Page | Page 54
The Last Page returns with a look at Central Florida theater legend Michael Wanzie.

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