Orlando mayor announces Florida’s first multi-stall, all-user government building restroom

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced Aug. 7 that City Hall will be the first government building to house a multi-stall, all-user restroom in the state of Florida.

The announcement was made during Dyer’s 2018 State of the City where he laid out “60 reasons we love Orlando and are excited about our future.” The theme is meant to coincide with the mayor’s 60th birthday.

“What else do we love about Orlando? How about the love we show one another,” Dyer said in his speech. “Our commitment to equality, to making Orlando a place where everyone is treated equally and everyone is welcome.”

Dyer announced the brand new City Hall restrooms at number 34 on his list.

“The first multi-stall, all-user restroom in a government building in Florida, soon to open at Orlando City Hall, that will increase accessibility for transgender people and those with disabilities,” Dyer said.

The new public restroom will provide a safe, private facility for all City Hall workers and visitors, “including people with disabilities who may require an attendant of a different gender, parents with children of a different gender and transgender and gender-diverse individuals,” according to a City of Orlando press release.

The new restroom will have two single stalls and a handicap-accessible stall. It will be located near the men and women restrooms on the second floor of City Hall, the most commonly used floor by the public, according to the city.

While transgender individuals are welcome to use any restroom at City Hall that aligns with their gender identity, the all-user restroom will offer another option if they feel unsafe or fear of discrimination.

A 2015 survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Rights found that 59 percent of transgender adults in the U.S. avoided using public restrooms in fear of discrimination. The survey also found that 32 percent of transgender adults limited the amount they ate and drank to void using the restroom.

“The issue relating to bathrooms has been an issue around the country in different states, North Carolina being one that immediately comes to mind, and this sets an example that we are a welcoming community and that we are going to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome” Dyer said in a press conference after his speech.

City Hall’s all-user restroom is planned to be complete and open later this month.

Photo by Jeremy Williams.

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