LGBT advocates fear Kavanaugh’s votes on gay-rights issues

By : wire report
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WASHINGTON (AP) | Gay-rights supporters who thronged the Supreme Court plaza after justices declared same-sex marriage a constitutional right expect to have little to celebrate if Brett Kavanaugh replaces Justice Anthony Kennedy, the author of all the court’s major gay-rights rulings.

None of Kavanaugh’s roughly 300 opinions as an appellate judge deals directly with LGBT issues, but his approach to judging leads some scholars and activists to believe he is unlikely to echo Kennedy’s votes.

Still, they said Kavanaugh might be reluctant to overrule the landmark same-sex marriage decision from 2015, even if he might have voted against it in the first instance.

While LGBT advocates sound alarms about Kavanaugh, opponents of same-sex marriage are applauding his nomination, though not necessarily focusing on its potential impact on gay rights.

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