Smiling Facebook post following homophobic attack goes viral

By : Colton Adkins
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ABOVE: Blair Wilson says he was the victim of a homophobic attack but remained positive. Photo courtesy of Wilson’s Facebook.

Although he was allegedly attacked, 21-year-old Blair Wilson from Scotland smiled while posting a soon-to-be viral picture on his Facebook account June 29.

While walking down the street, a stranger called Wilson a “f****t,” according to the Facebook post. Wilson responded by calling the stranger a “hen,” and that’s when he says he was attacked.

With blood running down his face, Wilson smiled and took a picture of himself, not letting the hatred get him down. The post has already garnered over 2.7 thousand reactions on the social media outlet and nearly 700 shares. Watermark cautions that explicit language follows in the post below:

Wilson has received support from all over the world, telling him to “Keep smiling” and “Stay strong.”

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