Trump supporter holds up homophobic sign in front of College Park man’s house

By : Colton Adkins
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ORLANDO | A Trump supporter laughed as local College Park resident Fernando Sosa recorded him sitting outside of Sosa’s home with a homophobic and racist sign July 9.

In the video, the man — identified as Matt Sherman — is holding up a sign that says, “A gay Asian with AIDS who hates America + fireworks lives here!” on one side and, “A butt hurt Trump hater lives here, who’s the keyboard warrior now?” on the other.

The video Sosa posted has since gone viral, reaching over 100,000 views on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Sosa revealed that Sherman has targeted him since last year online. When Sosa posted pictures on the NextDoor app of Sherman, NextDoor deleted the post, according to Sosa.

According to Orlando city ordinance 43.42, picketing outside of any “residential or dwelling unit of any person” is considered illegal if not done by the person who resides at that unit.

Check back for more details as the story updates.

Photo and videos courtesy of Sosa’s Facebook.

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