Jean-Claude Van Damme compares same-sex marriage to dogs getting married

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Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme made offensive remarks about same-sex marriage during an appearance on the French talk show “On n’est pas couché,” which aired June 30.

Van Damme appeared on the show with Gender Equality Minister Marlène Schiappa. The two began to disagree on the place of a woman in the home. Van Damme said he believes the woman should stay home to take care of the children while the man leaves to provide for his family.

Schiappa asks Van Damme how that structure would work in a household with a same-sex couple.

“According to your theory, if a man marries another man or a woman marries a woman – how does that work?” Schiappa asks.

“Men marry other men? Men get married, women get married, dogs get married… Everybody is getting married and everybody is getting divorced,” Van Damme replies.

The audience laughs at Van Damme’s comment but Schiappa says she doesn’t find it funny.

“I’m sorry, but this is not funny. This is the day of the Pride parade where people march to defend their rights,” Schiappa says. “I find this shocking. There are people who are beaten and insulted because they are homosexual. We need to support them rather than mocking them, saying they are dogs.”

Van Damme clarified his views on same-sex marriage saying “I have a lot of friends who are gay. If they want to get married, that’s OK.”

But he soon followed up with another joke.

“But the question is, if all the boys marry each another and all the women marry each other, how are we going to have children?” Van Damme says.

Watch the interview below.

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