LGBTQ contestants looking strong on ‘Big Brother 20’

By : Jeremy Brener
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“Big Brother 20” kicked off with a two-night, jam-packed premiere that saw 16 houseguests enter the Big Brother house.

Two of this year’s contestants represent the LGBTQ community — Kaycee Clark and JC Monduix. Each week, I will recap the show, focusing on the performances and gameplay of our two LGBTQ contestants.

This week, nobody was evicted from the show and it gave the viewers time to get a legitimate chance to meet all the contestants and see what they are all about.


On premiere night, the house was divided into two groups of eight and had to compete in a challenge, where the winner would advance to the final competition for the power to save half the house from eviction for the first week.

Both JC and Kaycee took part in the first challenge, which required houseguests to search through a dark room filled with messy objects to find a folder that would allow houseguests to escape the room. JC was one of the first to find his folder and he was safe, but Kaycee had worse luck. She was the only one to not find a folder and was dealt a punishment for coming in last place.

Ironically, her punishment, known as the “Pinwheel of Doom,” forced Kaycee to don a rainbow unitard that features a pinwheel on her stomach. If the pinwheel begins to turn, she must stay in that room until it stops spinning. She must wear the “Pinwheel of Doom” until the first live eviction, which takes place next Thursday, July 5. That’s a long time to wear nothing but rainbow, but Kaycee owns the look and it suits her.

It’s incredibly ironic that one of the gay contestants must wear the gayest unitard in Big Brother history, but it’s also pretty awesome. She looks great in it and nobody else could rock it like she can, except maybe fellow contestant Rockstar. Yep, that’s her name.

Kaycee may have to wear the “Pinwheel of Doom” but it is not as bad as fellow contestant Sam Bledsoe’s punishment. For finishing last in the second competition, Bledsoe has been turned into a robot until the first eviction. The punishment limits her time in the house. She is still able to go in the house and talk, but once the robot goes online, she has to talk to people through a screen and can only see them through a camera, but her house guests cannot see her. In a game about social connections, this will severely hurt her game.

In the final competition of the night, Swaggy C (yes, again, that’s his name.) and Angela duked it out to save half the house from eviction, and Swaggy C won. His real name is Chris, but he’s going by Swaggy C on the show. Hmm… choices.

Swaggy C had to choose between the four move-in groups of four when saving eight people. He chose his own group to save first, which featured Rockstar (yep, still her name.), a frat guy named Brett, and Vegas showgirl Rachel.

He then had a choice between the remaining groups. One group featured JC and the other featured Kaycee. In the end, he chose Kaycee’s group because they were on stage together when they moved in. It was by total luck, but Kaycee can not be the first houseguest evicted, which is a win for the gays. However, JC is still vulnerable for eviction.


The second episode featured the first Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season. With Kaycee already immune, she did not compete, but JC was one of eight to participate. In the challenge, houseguests had to walk across a balance beam to retrieve a ball, or a “deletion dot,” and place it in another player’s tube. Once a player had ten balls in their tube, he or she would be eliminated.

JC played this competition very well and was able to avoid being targeted. Players teamed up during the competition, but JC was riding solo and managed to fly under the radar. He was one of the Final 3 left in the challenge but was ultimately eliminated.

In his Diary Room confession, JC told viewers that he was throwing the competition and did not want to win. This is a smart move for JC. The first HOH of the season usually gets a lot of hate and unnecessary blood on their hands. JC is doing his best to avoid that and relying on his social game to get him further. It seems to be working so far.

Eventually, lifeguard Tyler (finally, a normal name) became HOH and JC was made invisible throughout the rest of the episode, which is a good sign that JC will likely not be a target to be evicted this week.

We did see a bit of Kaycee strategizing during part of the episode. It seems that she has placed herself in an alliance with Rachel, Brett, Kentucky gun enthusiast Winston, and fitness model and former pro pole vaulter Angela.

Kaycee looks to be in a good spot with an alliance around her despite her punishment and is not one of the more visible people in the alliance. She is not coming up as a potential target and neither is JC. I have been impressed by both of their gameplay so far and hopefully they can keep it up throughout the season.

I’ll be back next Friday for the next Big Brother recap, where hopefully JC still survives and the two can play their way into safety for next week.

Happy BB Friday!

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