issue 25.11: In The Beginning

By : Jake Stevens
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With changes to Orlando’s Big Gay Weekend coming in 2019, we look back on the history of Gay Day at the Magic Kingdom and how we got from there to here, two years after later, groups and individuals remmeber those affected by the Pulse, Polk Pride celbrates diversity in its fourth year, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 25.11 // May 31 – June 13, 2018

On The Cover | Page 35
IN THE BEGINNING:With changes coming to next year’s Big Gay Weekend, we look back at the history of Gay Day at the Magic Kingdom.

One Pulse, One Love | Page 8
Two years later, community members honor and remember those affected by the Pulse tragedy.

Proud to Be | Page 15
Polk County prepares to celebrate the fourth annual Polk Pride.

Positive Living | Page 25
Columnist Greg Stemm recalls how Pride made him a “gay activist.”

In The Beginning | Page 39
“It became newsworthy immediately because of the public relations nightmare it created for Disney… they were not thrilled when they realized this was going to be a thing every year. They love it now… but back then, not so much.” –Michael Wanzie on the beginning of Gay Day at Magic Kingdom.

Risk-y Business | Page 47
Comedian Kevin Allison brings his live podcast “RISK” to Tampa and Orlando.

This Old Home| Page 53
Mad Cow Theatre’s “Fun Home” explores sexual identity and family tension.

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