The Orlando International Fringe Festival wrapped another hugely successful year with an awards celebration and party on the Fringe lawn at Loch Haven Park this past Memorial Day.

Fringe had well over 100 sold out performances during the course of the 13-day festival, they announced. Then Watermark took the stage to present our readers’ choice 2018 Splash Awards. The big winner of the night was AJ Prats’ “PeeVira’s ScareVan Singalong: Disney Addicktion” which won both Favorite LGBTQ Show and Favorite LGBTQ Lead Performer for Prats.

Also making a big impact on our readers was “El Wiz”—a reimagining of “The Wizard of Oz” told with Puerto Rico, during and after Hurricane Maria, as the setting—which won both Favorite LGBTQ Writer for Juan Cantu and Favorite LGBTQ Supporting Performer for Erick Jose Perafan. The big highlight of the closing celebration came when George Wallace was given the Orlando Fringe Lifetime Achievement Award.

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