Watermark on the Fringe: “Gorgeous”

By : Danny Garcia
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Very loosely inspired on the 1999 film “Drop Dead Gorgeous” (and with hints of “Mean Girls”), “Gorgeous” — written and directed by Donald Rupe — features a large cast that delivers great songs, written by Rupe and Cesar de la Rosa, and great dancing, choreographed by Eric Yow.

“Gorgeous” takes place in the small town of St. Crowd, Florida during Miss Golden Boot — the big opening number introduces all the girls from the surefire wins to the “misfits” who provide lots of comedy relief through the show.

Much like “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” this show follows the trials of a group of hopeful teens as they compete for “Miss Golden Boot,” and much like “Mean Girls” this show also packs in the cattiness, but what do you expect with a show about teenage girls.

“Gorgeous” revolves around the Buckley family. There’s the former beauty pageant winner and notorious stage mom Breanna Buckley, played by Becca Southworth. She is the mother to Becky (Andrea Stack), the leader of the mean girls, and  family outcast Bernice (expertly played by Sara Catherine Barnes). Bernice was the apple of daddy’s eye but the ugly duckling of the surviving Buckley women and treated as such.

Packed with a lot of laughs, many from Blake Auburns portrayal of the Russian choreographer, Svedka, “Gorgeous” also packs a lot of heart. This show surely takes the crown as a Fringe favorite in my book.

“Gorgeous” plays at the Orange Venue through May 27. For more information visit OrlandoFringe.org.

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