Central Florida Overheard: $2 million for the arts

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For the ninth consecutive year, United Arts of Central Florida’s 2018 Collaborative Campaign for the Arts exceeded their fundraising goal, raising more than $2.07 million for local arts, science and history organizations.

Over the course of three months, United Arts and 14 other organizations local to Central Florida received donations from patrons, most of which saw their gifts matched by 15 percent by United Arts. This announcement comes after statewide budget cuts to the arts heavily impacted local cultural organizations. The donations from this fundraiser will help bring 2.7 million cultural experiences, including 970,000 K-12 student experiences.

United Arts Board Chair Kate Wilson expressed her gratitude saying, “Many donors were aware of the recent state budget cuts and increased their donations to help offset this deficit. The generosity and compassion in this region never cease to make me proud.” The money raised will be distributed to more than 60 Central Florida cultural centers and will assist with management, administrative and advisor services.

Image from United Arts of Central Florida’s Twitter

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