Danica Roem will be featured speaker at DNC’s LGBTQ gala

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Virginia Delegate Danica Roem will be a featured speaker at the Democratic National Committee’s 19th annual LGBTQ gala on June 25 in New York City. Roem will be the first openly transgender elected official to speak at a major party’s gala.

“When Democrats flipped 15 Republican seats in the Virginia House of Delegates last year, we sent a signal across the country that no seat should go uncontested,” Roem said in a press release. “Now, as we approach the final six-month stretch of the 2018 cycle, it’s so important to make sure every Democrat from the school board to the Senate has the resources and tools they need to fight and win. DNC Chair Perez knows every ZIP code counts and when Democrats organize and compete everywhere, we win.”

“Danica Roem is a brilliant public servant and one of our nation’s most passionate voices for equality,” DNC Chair Tom Perez added. “Even in the face of hatred and bigotry from this administration, Danica has never stopped fighting for the issues that matter to the hardworking families she represents. And there’s no question that her community is stronger for her leadership and her commitment to the Democratic values of inclusion and opportunity for all.

Roem gave a preview of what attendees could expect from her keynote address on Twitter.

“This may be the first LGBTQ gala keynote that includes ‘alternative intersection designs along the Route 28 corridor in Yorkshire,’ ‘replace cast iron water pipes with ductile iron water pipes’ and ‘commuter rail efficiency.’ Oh, and, “LGBTQ health care is health care.” That too,” Roem tweeted.

Gus Kenworthy will also appear at the gala as a special guest.

Photo courtesy of Danica Roem

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