School denies gay high school couple chance to become prom kings

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ABOVE: Joel Lerner and Carter Hebert. Screenshot via FOX 5.

A gay high school couple was denied the chance to participate in their school’s prom court.

Joel Lerner and Carter Hebert, who have been dating for six months, were gearing up to attend their prom at Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, GA. The prom would have been even more special for the couple since their classmates had nominated them to be in the Royal Court. The process required three boys to be nominated for king and three girls nominated for queen.

Lerner and Hebert were two of the three boys nominated but FOX 5 reports that administrators told the couple they could not win prom king and king.

“I was really happy at first– wow, we have the opportunity to be this year’s high school king and king,” Lerner told FOX 5. “It was heartbreaking.”

The school released a statement explaining that nominations were already set up in a way that required students to choose a king from a list of male nominees and a queen from a list of female nominees.

“The students were told that because nominations have been made and the process is underway, the school administration is not in a position to make changes at this time. If they would like to change the process moving forward, student leaders are encouraged to present a proposal to the school’s administration and governance board,” the school said in a statement.

Students have started a petition with hopes to change the school’s policy in the future.

“We want change the focus, so that in future people in a similar situation as ours can have an equal opportunity as heterosexual couples. The same goal still stands, but with focus on the future, instead of this year’s Prom,” the petition reads.

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