The Last Page with Samuel Vinson Johnson

By : Rick Claggett
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When did you develop a passion for writing?

About 10 years ago.

What was your first story with Watermark?

As sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, the battle for LGBTQ sex ed in schools is more important than ever.

What kind of writing do you do for Watermark?

My assignments are all over the place. I write features, deadline and, most recently, an Arts & Entertainment piece.

What made you want to write for Watermark?

Inspiring conversation with Billy Manes.

What is your favorite thing about writing for Watermark?

Working with a team that cares about each piece of work that goes under the name Watermark.

What is your favorite thing about the local LGBTQ community?

St Petersburg is a mecca of LGBTQ activity; culturally, socially, economically and politically.

What is your favorite LGBTQ event?

Amsterdam Canal Parade.

What would you like to see improved in the LGBTQ community?

More attention to LGBTQ youth, especially trans-youth.

What do you like writing about the most?

Intersectionality of issues.

What do you want Watermark reader’s to know about you?

I feel equal parts European and American. I prefer paper over plastic. Green is my favorite color. Don’t misconstrue my passion for aggression.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t muck about chasing the perfect while neglecting the good that’s staring you in the face. Choose a university study that has a practical component to it; e.g. has a real world job prospect.

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