Issue 25.07: #NeverAgain, But Why Now?

By : Jake Stevens
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Momentum for gun control is growing following the Parkland shooting, so why was the publica nd poilitical response comparatively lackluster following the mass shooting at Pulse? LGBTQ movies at the Florida Film Festival, Dining Out For Life returns to Tampa Bay, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 25.07 // April 5 – April 18, 2018

On the Cover | Page 25
Florida’s LGBTQ community confronts the differences between the public and political responses to the mass shootings at Parkland and Pulse.

For the 49 | Page 8
Community leaders react to the acquittal of the Pulse gunman’s wife.

Epic Eats | Page 10
Dining Out for Life returns to Tampa Bay for the 13th time to benefit Empath Partners in Care.

Not Banned, But Certainly Barred | Page 19
Divine Grace weighs in on controversy behind the “Roseanne” revival.

Festival Flicks | Page 31
The Enzian Theater hosts LGBTQ movies like viral sensation “In A Heartbeat”at the 27th annual Florida Film Festival.

Odd Couple | Page 37
The Dali Museum examines the unlikely friendship of Dali and Duchamp in its latest exhibit.

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