Watermark’s Most Eligible – Central Florida: Kevin Fonzo

By : Jeremy Williams
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Age: 54

Hometown: Monroe, New York

How you identify: Gay

What’s your sign: Taurus

Kevin is a man of flavor and taste. He started one of the first truly authentic farm-to-table restaurants in the Central Florida area.

“I started K Restaurant in College Park over 17 years ago,” he says. “It was one of the first chef-owned restaurants to come to Orlando. At that time it was mostly chain-owned and Disney-owned restaurants.”

For many we could stop right there. Who doesn’t have ‘amazing cook’ at the top of their list? But Kevin is about more than just food. He believes in volunteering and education, too.

“I started volunteering 10 years ago at local schools working to give kids a healthy lunch,” he says. “That blossomed into teaching kids the importance of eating healthy, cooking, gardening and what food is. It’s all about volunteering and giving back to the community.”

When it comes to the ideal partner, Kevin is looking for more than just physical attributes.

“There’s more to it than great sex,” he says. “The first thing is you have to make me laugh. I don’t care how hot you are or how good you are in bed, if you can’t make me laugh, why be together? You also have to be outgoing and able to carry on with great conversation.”

That’s not to say Kevin doesn’t know what he likes physically.

“I tend to like guys who are tall with dark features,” he says. “Until recently I wasn’t a beard person, but as I get older I am really digging that scruffy look. I like a pair of piercing eyes and a nice beard.”

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