Jacksonville religious group continues to raise funds to fight city’s LGBTQ-inclusive HRO

By : Jeremy Williams
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. | The anti-LGBTQ group Empower Jacksonville is continuing to raise funds in an effort to overturn Jacksonville’s LGBTQ protections added into their Human Rights Ordinance this past Valentine’s Day.

According to FloridaPolitics.com, the political action committee brought in just over $10,000 in November. This pushes the total the conservative organization has raised to nearly $32,000.

Empower Jacksonville formed in August of this year, introducing themselves in a news conference at Jacksonville’s First Baptist Church. The members of the committee are almost exclusively Evangelical Christians.

Empower Jacksonville is hoping to get two initiatives on the ballot in August 2018. The first initiative would be a non-binding straw poll on whether Jacksonville voters agree with the city council’s vote that added sexual orientation and gender identity to the HRO. The second would amend the city charter and allow citizens to vote to repeal any law passed by the city council.

Jacksonville’s city council voted 12-6 on Feb. 14 to expand the city’s HRO to include people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity in the areas of employment, public accommodations and housing.

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