Watermark’s Most Remarkable People 2017: John and Nancy Desmond, Members of Tampa Pride and PFLAG Tampa

By : Carrie West, President of Tampa Pride
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Carrie West

What a delight it was to have met John and Nancy Desmond at a GaYBOR District meeting in 2010.

They have been a super positive force that trumps a lot of gays and lesbians in their commitment to the LGBTQ community.

They are outgoing, funny, empathetic, stellar and confident. These two speak their minds and are great team players in all they participate in and volunteer to do. Organizations that I have personally had the great honor of working with them includes: GaYBOR Distinct Coalition, Hillsborough County Homeless and Tampa Pride.

Their contributions to the community also include founding PFLAG Tampa, and most recently starting PFLAG St. Pete this last summer.

John was appointed to, and is still on, the very controversial Hillsborough County Diversified Council.

John and Nancy have been with Tampa Pride since the beginning in 2014 as Community & Nonprofit Groups Liaisons. We have traveled the state at seven festivals handing out information about Tampa Bay and Tampa Pride.

Mark and I have had the privilege to travel with both John and Nancy to different events and on vacation last spring to Puerto Rico.

They have big hearts and have taken in many area LGBTQ youth that have been homeless to shelter, feed and mentor in their home.

They are very proud of their gay son and his partner who live in Maryland. On any given Friday, John and Nancy can be spotted quietly holding up signs in Ybor City on 7th Avenue proclaiming their love and support for their gay son across from the religious right protesters with their anti-LGBTQ signs.

We are very honored to have them as a major part of the LGBTQ Tampa Bay community.

We salute John and Nancy Desmond for being named not only one of Watermark’s Most Remarkable, but also for being selected as the 2018 LGBTQ Grand Couple for next year’s Tampa Pride Festival.

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