Anti-LGBTQ hate group opens conference with rainbow flag dance

By : Jeremy Williams
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A gentleman by the name of Derrick Paul did a “pretty neat thing” to open the anti-LGBTQ conference held by hate group MassResistance in Fort Worth, Texas last week.

Paul stood before the attendees of the organization’s 2017 Teens4Truth conference and, with two multi-colored flags, danced his heart out while a Christian pop song played over the speakers.

For nearly five minutes, Paul twirled and skipped his way across the stage with all the colors of the rainbow flowing around him.

The conference entertainment is an odd choice as it seems more fitting for a Pride parade instead of an event organized by a group that warns LGBTQ people are coming for your children and who published a 600-page pamphlet titled The Hazards of Homosexuality.

The Southern Poverty Law Firm identifies MassResistance as one of the 52 anti-LGBTQ hate groups in the U.S.

You can watch Paul’s passionate performance below.

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