Parliament House sale to Miami-based company announced

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | Miami-based Kenergy Scientific, Inc. announced that it has completed a major milestone in acquiring Parliament Holdings Inc., the company that owns and operates the Parliament House Resort in Orlando, Nov. 13.

In the next 30 days, Kenergy will transition in the new management, file notice for a symbol and name change and plans to expand the existing operations.  In addition, they plan to begin construction on additional buildings to the resort, according to a press release.

The press release also states that current Parliament House owner Don Granastein will become the new CEO of Kenergy. Granastein, along with Susan Unger, have been the owners of Parliament House for the past 18 years.

“We are very excited for this opportunity, and are prepared to execute our expansion plans for the Parliament House, and create what will be a world premier resort for the LGBT community,” said Granastein in the press release. “We will create a lifestyle that will bring together the necessary infrastructure and resources needed for the Resort community.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported on the sale Nov. 16, stating they spoke with Granastein and he advised them that “this week’s announcement was premature.”

The article from led Kenergy to issue another statement Nov. 17 to clarify the comments from the story.

“The title of the article indicated that the announcement was ‘premature.’ Factually, that statement is incorrect. The press release issued by the Company on November 13 was in fact correct in its statements that Parliament Holdings, Inc. had signed a definitive agreement with Kenergy Scientific, which was the only acquisition that took place. The Company and Parliament Holdings are working now to complete the detailed implementation plans for merging their operations together, which includes transition of management positions and future planning for growth,” the statement reads.

It continues, “We believe the headline created confusion when a question was asked of Mr. Granastein regarding the various Parliament House properties, to which he responded with ‘that is premature at this time.'”

Kenergy’s original press release stated that they are “in discussions” for construction of the world’s first gay branded hotel; acquiring additional resort and entertainment facilities; and licensing of the Parliament House brand and operational structure to use at other resort locations.

“As the world’s premier, and only iconic brand in the gay community for 40 years, the Parliament House name and reputation is a significant competitive advantage,” the statement reads. “To date, no one has created the necessary infrastructure to capture all phases of the gay lifestyle — until now.”

Watermark contacted both Parliament House and Kenergy for comment, and will update the story as comment is received.

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