Tampa Bay Overheard: McBITTER

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Following Rick Kriseman’s re-election on Nov 7, local business owner Kevin McBride, in self-described mourning, shut down his men’s clothing store to determine if he wanted to continue to live in St. Petersburg.

Potential patrons were greeted with a sign on McB’s, a “high-end men’s resale shop,” which advised the store was closed until further notice. “I am so sad. Mourning,” it read. “McB needs time to figure what… is going on in this town.”

Should patrons that voted for Rick Baker wish to privately shop, it advised, they could contact McBride directly. “We will no longer be buying any clothing til we figure out if we still want to live here,” the sign concluded.

Days later, McBride posted a YouTube video on “Kriseman’s Cronies,” in which he detailed his experience of being “attacked by the GAY community.” In it, the vocal Donald Trump supporter criticized the LGBTQ community and claimed he was being discriminated against following a plethora of negative reviews for his business on social media.

“Ever since you had your independence and got accepted, many years back, you went on with it,” McBride said, just after detailing his so-called support of the LGBTQ community. “You kept pressing forward, and you’ve been greedy and selfish, and you keep moving forward.”

“Once you got your equal rights and started being respected and accepted into our lives, you went on with more and pushed,” he continued. “I don’t know if it was, you watched the red carpet shows… or E! channel. But you’re just constantly complaining and pressing for more.”

McBride ended his video by advising those leaving negative business reviews should be jailed, claiming members of the LGBTQ community were “gay-ist, kind of like a racist,” and asking viewers to read the Ten Commandments.

“McB out,” he concluded, with his business potentially joining him.

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