Central Florida’s Overheard: I want my Minj-TV

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Did you catch the Nov. 12 episode of TNT’s Good Behavior? If you did, you would’ve seen a familiar self-proclaimed Glamour Toad, Central Florida’s very own Josh Eads, aka Ginger Minj.

In a previous overheard, we mentioned Ginger’s non-stop work load which included a busy touring schedule, local production of Avenue Q, movie shoot with Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming film Dumplin’ and wrapping up on a second album.

Ginger somehow managed to appear on a recent episode of Good Behavior with RPDR alum, Sharon Needles.

TNT’s Good Behavior stars Michelle Dockery who plays a con-artist. In this recent episode, Michelle’s character, Letty, poses as a female impersonator working at a drag bar. If you missed the episode, you can watch it online at TNTDrama.com.

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