Orlando’s Overheard: Westboro protest got T-wrecked

By : Anonymous
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What happened when the Westboro Baptist Church came to Seminole counTY on Oct. 22 to protest outside of a church? Dinosaurs and Jesus threw a dance party. No, seriously!

A local group that dresses up in inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costumes, known as the T-Rex’s of Orlando, showed up—one on rollerblades—proudly waving rainbow flags and state flags to counter-protest. They were also joined by a man dressed as Jesus and others. They were loudly singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” along with a playlist straight out of the ‘80s.

According to their Facebook page, they’re just “a couple of dinos roaming the streets of Orlando.” We reached out to the group behind these dinosaurs who wished to remain anonymous. According to the T-Rex we spoke to, they were both straight allies who were also former military (he himself being a family man who had served two tours in Afghanistan) and the duo just wanted to spread a message of love and laughter to counteract the hate Westboro was bringing to his city.

They don’t wish to affiliate themselves with any political party but are firm believers in standing up for LGBTQ groups and minorities, and just wish to spread the message of “loving who you want.” Watch videos from the counter-protest at Facebook.com/TRexsOfOrlando.

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