Trump to address anti-LGBT Heritage Foundation on Tuesday

By : Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade, courtesy of the National LGBT Media Association
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In the latest of a series of outreach efforts to anti-LGBT activists, President Trump is set to address on Tuesday the conservatives think-tank known as the Heritage Foundation.

The organization sent out an email blast Sunday night with the announcement, a link to the livestream of his upcoming address and an opportunity to submit a question for Trump. The speech is set Tuesday at 7:30 pm and will take place during its annual President’s Club meeting.

“The Trump administration has drawn from Heritage’s plans to balance the budget, cut wasteful government programs and agencies, strengthen our national security, fix our broken immigration system, protect religious liberty and the dignity of life and provide tax relief to Americans,” the notice says.

Although the Heritage Foundation’s work isn’t limited to anti-LGBT advocacy, the think-tank for decades has made restrictions on LGBT rights a significant part of its portfolio. The think-tank has written policy and legal briefs against same-sex marriage and opposed non-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

Earlier this year, the Heritage Foundation sent out an notice to U.S. House members to urging them to ban vote of a legislative ban on transition-related health care for transgender people in the U.S. military.

After the Justice Department this month issued “religious freedom” guidance undermining LGBT rights, the Daily Signal, the blog for the Heritage Foundation, proclaimed the action was a “promise kept” by Trump.

“This fix was sorely needed in the wake of actions by President Barack Obama’s administration that harmed Americans’ religious liberty,” the blog says.

The Heritage Foundation is the latest anti-LGBT audience Trump will address after having won election in 2016 with significant support from evangelical Christians, who largely opposed LGBT rights. Just a few days ago, Trump boasted the times “are changing back again” in address at the Values Voters Summit in D.C. hosted by the anti-LGBT Family Research Council.

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