Orlando’s Overheard: Ginger Minj gets married and Irma comes to the City Beautiful

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Disney’s newest Princess

At the New York 2017 RuPaul’s Drag-Con, fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race were treated to an unexpected surprise.

Soon after a make-up panel—where Central Florida’s Ginger Minj (Josh Eads) gave 8-year old internet drag sensation Lactatia a make-over—Ginger asked Lactatia “I’ve done your make up and your wig, can you do something for me? Do you want to be my flower girl?” Then Ginger announced she was getting married today.

Dressed in an original Disney’s Snow White inspired gown, created by designer David McCarthy, Ginger’s fiancé, CeeJay, walked up to the stage in a complimenting Prince Charming inspired outfit.

Ginger fumbled for a bouquet for her and Lactatia. Once positioned, further stunning the unsuspecting audience, in walked Michelle Visage. She was there to officiate the wedding.

Watermark caught up with Ginger after Drag-Con and in between a very busy travel and movie filming schedule. “He proposed to me a year ago at Disneyland during the fireworks, so we wanted a Disney themed wedding”—Appropriate considering Disneyworld is literally in Ginger’s backyard.

Ginger went on to say that it was important to have Michelle Visage officiate the wedding. A month into their relationship, Michelle told Ginger you’d be a fool not to marry him. From theme park friends two years ago to sharing a kiss in Epcot’s France pavilion in the rain, this had a storybook feel from the get go.

Stupid, ugly, Irma!

Hurricane Irma was a beast.

She caused devastating damage to several small islands in the Caribbean as well as the Florida Keys. Her uncertain path caused great concern for Central Florida and Tampa Bay and, to show the seriousness of the situation, the online memes were rampant!

Central Florida non-profit organizations braced for the worst. Locations like Hope and Help and Bliss Cares urged patients to get extra medication should accessibility be limited.

A tarp was placed over the now iconic Pulse sign to protect it from the potential of flying debris. Memorial items left by mourners were moved in.

Orlando’s LGBTQ nightlife was quick to get on their feet. Parliament House, like many, lost power on late Sunday night and regained power Tuesday. They also made an exception to the rules of pets, as they allowed guest with small dogs to check into the hotel during the storm. Southern Nights lost power through Wednesday and reopened that night. Savoy was one of the first locations to open, having access to power that Monday and opening their doors at 6pm when the curfew was lifted.

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