Orange County Shelters opening ahead of Irma

By : Jeremy Williams
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Orange County will open shelters for the general population, including pet-friendly shelters beginning tomorrow morning, Saturday Sept. 9 at 9 a.m.

Additional shelters will be announced as needed. Orange County will also open PSN, “Persons with Special Needs” shelter. Individuals who have registered for a PSN shelter will be contacted with the location information of the shelter that they have been assigned, along with information on transportation assistance if needed.

Types of Shelters:

Persons with Special Medical Needs: Are you housebound or require special medical assistance? Please call 311 (or 407-836-3111). Orange County has shelters for those who require special medical care. Call 311 for information or 407-836-9319 for registration forms and instructions. Individuals traveling to a PSN shelter are asked to prepare before arriving to the shelter. Learn what you’ll need to stay prepared here. Please note, Orange County does not publicly disclose the addresses of Persons with Special Needs shelters.

General Shelters: All Orange County shelters follow the practices and procedures established by the American Red Cross (ARC); all shelter workers and volunteers are trained by the ARC. At Orange County’s general population shelters, individuals are asked to complete an informational registration form, but no identification is required. For individuals participating in a state registry, appropriate shelters are available; staff and volunteers can help direct individuals as necessary. Please note that shelters are alcohol, drug and weapon free zones.

Pet-Friendly Shelters: Ensure pet vaccinations are current and consider microchipping pets if not already done so to ensure you can find pets in the event you are separated. Have a copy of your pet’s medical records, which should be included in your “Pet Disaster Kit.” Arrange for a safe place to stay that permits pets and research places that are pet-friendly. (Note – animals are not allowed in Red Cross Shelters, except for service animals, so you may want to stay with a friend or relative, or motel/hotel that is pet-friendly.) If possible, PLEASE do not leave pets behind during an evacuation or emergency. With pending serious weather, bring all house pets inside.

Shelter name, address to the shelter and the type of shelter is listed below.

Apopka High School

555 Martin St. Apopka, FL 32712

General Population

Colonial High School

6100 Oleander Dr. Orlando, FL 32807

General Population

East River High School

654 Columbia School Rd. Orlando, FL 32833

General Population

Edgewater High School

3100 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL 32804

General Population

Memorial Middle School

2220 29th St. Orlando, FL 32805

General Population

Odyssey Middle School

9290 Lee Vista Blvd. Orlando, FL 32829

General Population

West Orange High School

1625 Beulah Rd. Winter Garden, FL 34787

General Population

Barnett Park Community Center

4801 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32808

General Population and Pet Friendly

Bithlo Community Center

18501 Washington Ave. Orlando, FL 32820

General Population and Pet Friendly

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