‘Big Brother 19’ houseguests spark backlash with transphobic conversation

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“Big Brother 19” contestants Jason Dent and Cody Nickson sparked a fan debate after they made transphobic comments captured on Sunday’s live feeds.

Dent and Nickson were in the hot tub with fellow contestants Jessica Graf and Matt Clines discussing season 17 of “Big Brother.” Graf mentions Audrey Middleton, the first transgender contestant in the show’s history, causing Dent to become confused about what that means.

“She was the first transgendered cast member,” Graf says.

“What the fu*k does that mean? She was a she?” Dent asks. Nickson responds, “It was a dude dressed up as a woman.”

“Okay it was a dude,” Dent says before Graf cuts him off.

“You guys are walking such a thin line,” Graf says.

“What? That’s what it was,” Nickson replies.

Later Graf refers to Middleton as “she” causing Dent to say “Okay, but it was a he.” He then continues to ask, “Was it a he first, or a she first?”

Clines laughs and says the problem is Dent keep referring to Middleton as “it.”

Middleton responded to the foursome’s hot tub conversation with a Twitter post urging others not to send Dent and Nickson hate but to educate them.

“You are not born with emotional intelligence, you are conditioned to have it. The people who lack it are the one who are too afraid to try to understand what value it truly has. If you are someone who is radically opening yourself to things you will live the most purpose filled life of all,” Middleton writes.

The conversation also started a lengthy debate on Reddit about if Dent’s comments should be taken to heart.

This isn’t the first time Nickson had found himself a part of a transphobic conversation. While speaking with Graf earlier this season, Nickson used the word “tranny” multiple times while discussing the transgender community.


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