Gay Teen Vogue editor defends mag’s anal sex guide

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(Photo via Teen Vogue.)

Teen Vogue’s “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know” guide is facing plenty of backlash but one editor is standing up for the magazine’s decision to include the informative piece.

The guide, written by sex expert Gigi Engel, covers all the bases of anal sex for those with prostates and without. The overall goal is for everyone to be educated on their sexual health.

“When it comes to your body, it’s important that you have the facts. Being in the dark is not doing your sexual health or self-understanding any favors,” Engel writes.

“It’s important that we talk about all kinds of sex because not everyone is having, or wants to have, ‘penis in the vagina’ sex. If you do have ‘penis in the vagina’ sex and are curious about something else, or are finding that that type of sex is not for you and you’d just like to explore other options, it’s helpful to know the facts,” Engel continues.

The article also acknowledges that anal sex may not be for everyone.

“If you’re not comfortable reading about anal sex, that’s perfectly OK, too. We have plenty of other articles around a variety of issues and wellness,” the article reads.

The guide has angered some who feel it is encouraging anal sex. One mother, known as The Activist Mommy, even posted a video on Facebook of herself burning the magazine. She condemns the magazine for including articles on how to masturbate, gender fluidity and anal sex for its target 11-17 year old audience.

Teen Vogue Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi took to Twitter to blast those criticizing the magazine’s sexual health article and to explain from a personal view why articles like this are important for teens to read.

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