TransPride March joins St. Pete Pride

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ST. PETERSBURG – St. Pete Pride is making history again. Not only is it the largest LGBTQ Pride celebration in the state of Florida, but it is about to become the first Pride in the state to hold a TransPride March in conjunction with their annual parade.

The TransPride March will kick off St. Pete Pride’s parade and will consist of members of the transgender, gender-non-conforming, queer communities, their families, friends, allies and supporters.

“Somewhere along the way, in the fight for acceptance and equality, our movement allowed the rights of trans individuals to be pushed to be back of the line. Pride celebrations all over the nation accepted, and often embraced, the term ‘Gay Pride,’ even though it was those within the trans community who helped begin the Pride movement. We could very well not be celebrating Pride today if it weren’t for the Trans community,” Executive Director of St Pete Pride Eric Skains said in a press release. “Pride month began with trans people, and the issues facing the trans community and the progress made, need to be recognized at every Pride.”

St. Pete Pride’s TransPride March is sponsored by Equality Florida, the state’s the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s LGBTQ community, and its transgender inclusion initiative, TransAction Florida.

“TransAction Florida is so proud to sponsor this historic march recognizing the entire spectrum of the transgender community. It is time that all identities feel safe to step forward out of the shadows and demand that the world see us as we see ourselves. We call on all Floridians to join us at this historic event,” Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality, Equality Florida said in the press release.

The TransPride March takes place June 24 ahead of the St. Pete Pride parade in downtown St. Petersburg. Participants in the TransPride March will walk starting from Albert Whitted Park, the location where the St. Pete Pride parade will end, to Vinoy Park, the parade’s starting point, so that marchers for TransPride can still participate in the St. Pete Pride parade.

There is no cost to march in TransPride but walkers are asked to register here. The first 500 people to register will be given a TransPride t-shirt and transgender pride flag.

Nathan Bruemmer is a board member for both St. Pete Pride and Equlaity Florida’s TransAction.

“I am thrilled to be part of a Pride festival that recognizes the importance of intentionally celebrating the transgender community,” Bruemmer said in the statement. “Elevating the voices of the trans community and celebrating pride in all our unique identities and stories within the LGBT is an amazing and beautiful thing.”

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