Watermark on the Fringe: Judy Garland: Stuck in a Bear Trap with Nothing to Wear

By : Danny Garcia
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Mark Baratelli returns with his hysterical caricature of a doped-up Judy Garland in her later years in Judy Garland: Stuck in a Bear Trap with Nothing to Wear.

As the doors open to the Orange Venue (at least for our show) patrons step over an unconscious Judy to make their way to their seats. Once the show starts Judy wanders and stumbles around the stage, continuously wrapping herself up in what seems to be the world’s longest microphone cord, slur-singing familiar lyrics. A couple sitting directly in front of me, no more than five minutes into the show, get up to walk out and chased away by Judy, they were overheard saying they believed this was a “Judy Garland impersonation show.” Amateurs.

To experience Mark’s Judy is like taking a handful of colorful uppers and downers and washing it all down with vodka and sugar free red bull while riding the tilt-a-whirl at the local fair.

It’s hard to give an accurate review of this show considering I can guarantee it will never be the same show twice.

Having seen Mark don the black Judy wig and tights two years ago, the previous version seemed to be a little more scripted than this bonanza of random.

No plot, no direction but an entrance for a slurring Judy and an exit, naturally, and a ton of laughs. Is Mark Baratelli a comedic genius? Who knows, but over the years I can say people eat his Judy up, well except for that couple who left. Bless them.

Running through May 28 at the Orange Venue. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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