Watermark on the Fringe: MO MANADA!

By : Danny Garcia
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Hockey, Beavers and Mounties – Oh my, it’s MO MANADA! A follow-up to last year’s hit OH MANADA! from Canada’s Premiere All-Male Burlesque troupe, Boylesque TO.

The gang from the land of universal health care and poutine return with all new show, this time emceed by heartbroken Canadian political hunk Justin Trudeau (performed by Johnnie Walker) fresh off of his recent “break-up” with Barack Obama.

Loaded with Canadian stereotypes and politics (and you better Belieb this) the cast delivers a plate full of delicious Canadian bacon to the ever ready salivating cravings of the fringe audience.

With a light take on the political landscape, the show isn’t lacking in humor. Burlesque should be aboot comedy and still provide some sex appeal and this group achieves this, but there’s a beauty behind their performance as well, especially with the Lady Liberty number performed by James & the Giant pasty (Benjamin Paley).

Also returning from last year’s show: the energetic El Torro (Sebastian Marziali); Shagina Twain (Melissa Hergott), who slays with the Peggy Lee inspired “Beaver” number; and “Wrong Note” Rusty (Greg Wong) and his impressive “Putin on the Ritz.”

The “new meat” added to the group is the adorable baby-faced, high-kicking Newfound Lad (Josh Murphy).

Still as enjoyable as last year’s show, this new version seems a lot more polished and just as hysterical.

Running through May 28 at the Orange Venue. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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