Watermark on the Fringe: High Tea: Another British Comedy

By : Rick Claggett
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James and Jamesy are back with another hit. The multi-festival award-winning duo that brought you 2 for Tea returns to the Orlando Fringe Silver Venue stage in a new quirky adventure with High Tea: Another British Comedy.

What starts out as their usually unusual weekly tea party quickly goes awry when Jamesy pours enough tea to flood the world. Best friends James and Jamesy set sail on a tea-sea adventure full of hijinks as they strive to survive an audience of sea creatures and a visit from God.

James and Jamesy are simply delightful in this literal laugh-out-loud, trouser splitting (wardrobe-malfunction) comedy. The relationship of these two is so endearing that you can’t help but get submersed in whatever world their imagination creates for you. Equally impressive is their ability to make stars out of the audience. You never know what you will get with audience participation, but James and Jamesy have a way of making sure it will be hilarious.

Running through May 28 at the Silver Venue. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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