Watermark goes to Fringe: ThanksKilling: The Musical

By : Danny Garcia
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Fans of B-horror flicks need to flock to this show! Based on the 2009 campy horror movie of the same name, this story, much like your typical teen horror movie, revolves around five college students heading home for the holidays.

A simple premise, where an attractive cast of horror movie stereotypes – The Jock (Blake Heinricks), The Slut (Kayla Alvarez), The Hick (Fredy Ruiz), The Nerd (Matt Rothenberg) and The Virgin (Ale Martinez) get stranded for the evening on their road trip. The Nerd tells the group about the local legend he recently read about, where there was a conflict with the newly settled pilgrims and the local Native Americans and desecration of their sacred burial ground.

During this conflict an evil curse was cast by a bitter Indian bringing on the homicidal Killer Turkey (a masked Kit Cleo) to take revenge; 505 years later, the legend returns to wreak havoc on the college kids and those around them!

Without giving too much away, be prepared to get basted with a lot of foul language, sex and death, all done in the most (thankfully) tasteless of ways!

Despite the B-movie style of this show, the cast is amazingly talented, soaring surprisingly strong vocals over their highly crude and amusing lyrics and a ton of energy. Johnnie Maier’s multiple rolls are proof of that energy!

Fun, silly and certainly not taking itself too seriously, this is everything expected from a Fringe show, there’s even some romance thrown in there for all to enjoy. To add to the fun, this show even has its own horror-cliché drinking game, although drinks are not served in the Silver Venue, you may be lucky enough to be tossed a nip during the show.

A feast of humor and music, we give two drumsticks way up for ThanksKilling!

Running through May 28 at the Silver Venue at Loch Haven Park. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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