Watermark on the Fringe: Unbelievable

By : Danny Garcia
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Logan Donahoo’s new TED Talk-style show Unbelievable at the Pink venue returns with a similar premise to his previous shows; as a multi-media production there are slides, audience participation and personal antidotes. But this show takes a little bit of a different turn than a Field Guide to the Gays or Slut Like Me, his previous Fringe favorites.

Although politically driven, the 60-minute show is meant to show you how to not just survive but thrive in the next four years. Logan’s Unbelievable walks you through the ways on how to become a better activist and how to protest and not get arrested.

Several times Logan will refer to organizations and groups he suggests to join. In one portion, Logan asks the audience to take out their phones to register for [the app] Resistbot: a great concept, but it does tend to involve answering some questions via text which distracted many audience members from the continuing performance.

Logan will pull you out of the ever-deepening well of the current administration through humor, and as many of us mourn the results of the elections, Unbelievable provides a glimmer of hope that, yes, things can get better, as long as you get involved!

For those of us where politics may give us migraines, this is just light enough to whet the palate without overstuffing ourselves, you know, like a ballot box in a rigged election.

Running through May 28 at the Pink Venue. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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