‘American Idol’ finalist claims she ‘chose’ to be straight

By : Mariah Cooper of the Washington Blade, courtesy of The National Gay Media Association
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“American Idol” runner-up La’Porsha Renae is claiming that being gay or straight is a choice because she was able to choose her sexuality.

Renae began defending herself when a person tweeted that the 23-year-old singer was homophobic.

Renae got personal when she revealed she made the choice to be gay for two years before she decided to be straight.

Renae elaborated on her tweets in a statement to The Huffington Post saying to those who disagree with her to, “Let people believe what they want to believe about themselves.”

“I took a journey and became more grounded in my faith, and decided that I wanted to live a heterosexual life,” the statement reads. “Some people believe they chose homosexuality and some believe they didn’t. Who’s to say one is wrong? It’s not fair to generalize anyone’s sexuality or walk of life.”

“We don’t have to have the same truths or personal belief systems to love one another and get along… Everyone should have the right to believe in what they believe in and to live their lives the way they feel they want to,” the statement continues.

Last year Renae came under fire for saying she doesn’t “really agree” with the lifestyle of the LGBT community.

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