Central Florida LGBTQ+ Alliance sends letter to Univision requesting Pulse reenactments be pulled

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO – The Central Florida LGBTQ+ Alliance sent a letter Feb. 24 to Isaac Lee, the Chief Content Officer for Univision Communications, asking for the media outlet to pull an episode of their documentary-style program Crónicas De Sábado which will feature reenactments of the Pulse massacre from June 12 of last year.

“We are reaching out, on behalf of the coalition of LGBTQ+ organizations of Central Florida, to ask for compassion and common-sense,” the letter begins. “We are requesting you cancel any airing of “Baño De Sangre” (translation “Blood Bath”) and not release any additional media content associated with this program.”

The episode, scheduled to air Feb. 25, has sparked outrage throughout the LGBTQ and Latin community in Orlando, the two communities impacted the most from the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“Our community is strong; however, we are also still extremely vulnerable,” the letter reads. “Those that were in Pulse nightclub that night, and even many who were not, are haunted by memories of the horror that unfolded. Exposing us to reenactments of this tragedy can cause severe psychological damage and re-traumatize those struggling to move forward.”

Univision has not responded to the  many requests on social media to pull the episode; however, trailers promoting the show on the network’s Facebook page have all been removed.

Jennifer Foster is the co-convener for the LGBTQ+ Alliance.

“We feel strongly that this program should not air – anywhere or ever. Univision has the opportunity to do the right thing here and we hope they’ll stand with the wishes of our community,” she said in a statement.

The letter goes on to list 32 Central Florida LGBTQ+ organizations who are members of the Alliance and support pulling the Pulse episode of Crónicas De Sábado.

Read the Alliance’s complete letter at Central Florida LGBTQ+ Alliance letter to Univision.

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