Sorority will now accept “all who live and identify as women” as members

By : Staff Report
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In both a letter and video from its National President Angela Harris, Alpha Chi Omega announced last Friday that it would be accepting transgender women into its organization.

“If we are to continue to live this important mission in today’s world, Alpha Chi Omega must be inclusive of all who live and identify as women, regardless of their gender assigned at birth,” the letter reads.

The sorority made its decision based on inquires coming in from its chapters regarding transgender women who want to be a part of their organization.

“Members from all parts of the country have sought guidance about transgender women who’ve expressed interest in joining our fraternity,” Harris said in the video. “These inquiries come from our collegians’ sincere desire to create a sorority experience that more fully reflects the realities of today’s women in today’s world.”

You can read Harris’ full letter here.

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