Wedding Bells: Eduardo Di Castro and Terence Jay Fines

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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“I think it’s rare to find gentlemen, and he’s a gentleman for me,” Eduardo says about Terence. “That’s what I most love about him, and he’s super cute too.”
Eduardo Di Castro, who is a photographer and videographer, and Terence Jay Fines, who works in the IT field, met through a dating app. Eduardo says that the two spoke for more than a month before they met up. They finally agreed to meet for sushi at a Japanese restaurant.
“I was actually really intimidated to meet him as well,” Terence says. “I think that had to contribute to the delay because I just felt that maybe I was way out of his league or something, because just from his profile he was very handsome. I didn’t feel like that he would be interested when we met.”
Eduardo says the progression of their relationship was smooth, taking it one step at a time and enjoying each other’s company without big expectations. Eventually, their relationship grew and so did their love for one another.
For the proposal, Terence did a flash mob proposal at Disney Boardwalk. Three months prior to the engagement, he created a practice video so that people who wanted to join could. When the day came, he said he was really nervous and giddy at the same time. He said it was an amazing feeling, especially when he said yes.
Eduardo’s family lives in Brazil, and they planned on having the wedding over there. A year prior to the wedding date, they went to Brazil to visit possible venues for the wedding, and they fell in love with the first place they visited. It was a farm that had more than 35 acres of land.
They ran into some hiccups the month leading up to the big day. Two weeks prior to the wedding, a guy from the orchestra who was supposed to play at their ceremony posted something homophobic online after meeting with Eduardo to finalize the ceremony details. The couple did not want to use that company’s services and were refunded everything. One week before the wedding, the catering company that was supposed to cater their wedding was found to have stolen money from more than 30 clients and were fired. Luckily, the venue found a replacement catering company before their wedding, and the food ended up being amazing.
For Terence, he was moved by his mom’s actions to attend the wedding because she previously wasn’t planning to go and didn’t approve.
“Up until two or three months before the ceremony, my mom told me that she was not going to come to my wedding because she didn’t support it,” Terence says. “Somewhere three months before the wedding, she asked her priest – she’s Catholic – for permission to go my wedding. Her sisters wanted to come. Her family was very supportive, but I come from a very strong Roman Catholic household so she just didn’t understand it. For her, Catholics say no, so we can’t support or be there. She asked her priest, so I at least knew she was conflicted and actually considering [it]. A couple months later, she surprised me by telling me she is coming to my wedding, but she said she doesn’t necessarily support it but she’ll be there. Which is fine – I’m OK with that.”

3 years
March 7, 2015
November 11, 2016
Fazenda Boa Esperança (Good Hope Farm)
Ellen Diniz
Fabio Buffet
colors — baby blue and green with sunflowers
“El Corazon” by Arno Elias
Their first dance was a choreographed tango to the song “El Corazon”.

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