Latino LGBTQ Festival comes to Orlando: FUERZAfest!

By : Chelsea Santiago
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Strength, Love and Unity.

Three words that can describe the Orlando atmosphere as the community came together after the worst mass shooting of US history, which killed 49 members of the LGBTQ and Latin community.

Three words that will be the fitting theme of the five day festival dedicated to all those affected by the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

FUERZAfest comes to Orlando to bringing together members of Central Florida’s diverse LGBTQ communities, allies, and artists in a celebration of Latino LGBTQ culture with aims to provide a space for dialogue and awareness of social issues, including the prejudices stemming from ignorance and homophobia, which threaten the LGBTQ community, according to the FUERZA website.

FUERZAfest began in New York City in May of this year and is the first Latino LGBTQ Festival, which is sponsored by the Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit organization.

The event will feature a competition of one-act plays by independent theater groups who will vie for FUERZA Awards in categories including Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director and Best Play.

Beginning Wednesday, Dec. 7, and continuing till Sunday, Dec. 11, the event will include theater productions, movie screenings, networking events, music and discussion panels.

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