Orlando musician Craymo wins World Wide Music Contest with anti-bullying song

By : Chelsea Santiago
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ORLANDO – Craymo, an inspirational LGBTQ singer/songwriter from Orlando, was the winner of Best Song in the third edition World Wide Music Contest. He was one of over 1200 entries in the contest.

Craymo won Best Song for his anti-bullying anthem, “Be Myself,” according to a press release Nov. 19.

“I want to let kids know that it is OK to be different, it’s OK to just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks,” Craymo said in the press release.

Craymo was bullied growing up for being gay and also for wearing glasses.

The indie artist writes and performs uplifting alternative pop songs about life and love with a blend of 1980s pop with today’s top chart artists.

“I wanted to give back and create a song about embracing your individuality, an empowering song about courage to possibly help those who may be going through the same things with their self-confidence,” Craymo said.

WWMC’s jury is an international group of highly qualified professionals known worldwide, including Henry Padovani, the original guitarist of The Police.

All entries are judged on originality, music and melody, vocal performance, arrangement, and potential.

“Craymo makes musical magic with a message in this upbeat, dance party with passion and purpose,” said Gary Root, reviewer for Skope Magazine.

Learn more about Craymo’s music and purchase “Be Myself” here, and check out the music video for “Be Myself” below.

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