Tampa Bay’s Overheard: Funny lady, golden frames and a big Happy Birthday

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Actor and comedian Amy Schumer seems to have a love/hate relationship with the city of Tampa. She wrote about the city in her recently released book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, where she called Tampa “horrendous” and wrote that she wasn’t scared about criticizing the people of Tampa Bay because, “I know for a fact that no one who lives there has ever read a book. JKJKJKJKJK, but kind of not K.”

Schumer came to Tampa Oct. 16 where she held a concert at the Amalie Arena for the first time since her book came out. During the show Schumer took her act political and brought a Trump supporter on stage to ask him why he supported Trump. “ I’m not voting for Trump, I’m voting against Hillary,” the Tampa man said.

Schumer thanked him and expressed that she didn’t understand how anyone could vote for an “ orange, sexual-assaulting, fake- college-starting monster.” This comment brought on a few boos from the audience. Schumer asked for the house lights to be brought up and asked anyone who was a victim of sexual assault to stand. She thanked those who stood and then said anyone booing and being disruptive were free to go. About 200 people walked out of the show.


After running a successful frame and mirror shop for more than 10 years and keeping the political pot stirring in St. Petersburg this election season, Dan Fiorini is looking to retire.

Fiorini took to Facebook on Halloween to announce that the shop is up for sale. “Friends, It’s getting to that time of life to retire,” Fiorini wrote. “So, I’m putting my beloved store on the market.” Fiorini goes on in the post to say that Tyrone Frames & Mirrors is up for sale for about $130,000 and the price includes all equipment necessary to operate this business.

Have you ever wanted to be a professional framer with a shop nested right between a TJ Maxx and a Ross? If so, here’s your chance. Could this be a full retirement or is this just freeing up time for the very political Fiorini to try his hand at running for office again in the next few years? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton celebrated her 69th birthday Oct. 24, and do you know how she choose to spend it? Well with the people of Tampa Bay of course. Clinton came to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in downtown with more than 4,000 Tampanians to talk about the importance of Florida, and especially the Central part of the state, in this election.

“What a great way to celebrate my birthday, being here in Tampa,” Clinton said to the crowd before telling them that the perfect gift for her from them would be a vote for her on election day. At 69, Clinton would be the second oldest person elected president, behind Ronald Regan by eight months.

On the opposite side of that statistic, Clinton’s husband Bill was the third youngest president in American history behind JFK and Teddy Roosevelt.

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