Gay candidate calls vandalism of Iowa home a hate crime

By : Wire Report
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WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — An openly gay candidate for Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors is calling vandalism to his house a hate crime.

Candidate Christopher Schwartz told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier that anti-gay messages were painted on campaign signs in his yard and the door of his house. The message on his door reads “Lev 20:13,” which likely is a reference to a Bible verse that condemns homosexuality.

Waterloo police photographed the vandalism Thursday morning but haven’t made any arrests.

Schwartz says the vandalism occurred amid a heated social media argument involving a local group that criticized Schwartz for organizing an annual gay-rights event in Waterloo.

The leader of that group, Judd Saul, says his organization had nothing to do with the vandalism and would contribute to a cleanup fund.

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