Se7en Bites opens just in time for Pride Week

By : Chelsea Santiago
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ORLANDO – Se7en Bites bake shop is ready to open just in time for Orlando’s Come Out with Pride weekend.

Costumers aren’t the only ones anxious to see the new space open. Trina Gregory-Propst is ready to use the new space she and her wife have created and get back to what she loves most: making people smile.Beginning last year, the bake shop has been completely renovating the 3500-square-foot building located at 617 N. Primrose Drive, including the add-on of an outdoor patio area which adds 730 sq ft of eating space. This is over four times larger than the previous building, though a little less than half of this space has been made in to a complete hot kitchen and complete pastry kitchen – all the better for baking with.

“I just want it to be over and I just want to make some damn biscuits again,” Gregory-Propst said.

Se7en Bites had hoped to be open again in May but met with several setbacks with renovations. But Gregory-Propst was taken it all to stride using this as a learning opportunity.

The expanded space also allowed Gregory-Propst to expand the staff and the menu. They have gone from a staff of just 16 to a staff of 35 with seven more positions still open. The majority of staff is of the LGBT community and Se7en Bites strives to provide an accepting atmosphere – both for the costumers and the staff.

“I can’t think of a better way of celebrating all that we are and all that our business is,” Gregory-Propst said. “I’m so glad that they feel comfortable in their work environment; that’s really important to me.”

The new menu will include burgers, a full line of baked goods and a more modern southern style poutine – one for breakfast and lunch. Se7en Bites will also be getting a beer and wine license to create ‘beermosas’ and mimosas, hoping to expand their brunches on the weekends.

Teaming up with Orlando Business Assistance Programs, Se7en Bites received several grants to help with the expansion and help redevelop the downtown Milk District. While many changes are being made, some things will not be leaving. The “Pie Lady” artistic mural once again graces the side of the new building with the trademark green background color.

“We’ve really given [the new place] a nice clean look for this area, which is what I think everyone wants,” Gregory-Propst said. “This is our home and we’re treating it as such.”

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