Issue 23.19: Come Out With Pride

By : Jake Stevens
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Come Out With Pride rises the the challenge of Healing a community still in a haze of grief, Tragedy strikes Hillsborough as a Pulse survivor passes, Sarasota gears up for the Fabulous Independent Film Festival, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 23.19// September 22- October 5, 2016

On the Cover | Page 25
Prouder than ever: In the face of the immense tragedy at Pulse, Come Out With Pride faces it’s biggest challenge yet: making Pride out of tears

Change is Good | Page 8
The 2016 Out & Equal Workplace Summit brings thousands to Orlando for some corporate training on how to get equality right.

Dark Aftermath | Page 10
While many try to heal their wounds from the June 12 tragedy, Chris Brodman passes in North Tampa.

Get the balance right | Page 27
Come Out With Pride scrambles through last-minute developments and still finds a way to smile and celebrate.

Absolutely Fabulous | Page 41
Sarasota Gears Up for Fabulous Independent Film Festival at the Harvey Milk Festival.

Don’t Get Sick | Page 62
Our political column Uprisings can’t stop coughing at the pieces as Hillary takes a fall and Trump has a ball.

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