ORMC doctor reveals Pulse shooting victims’ conditions, a survivor speaks out

By : Wire Report
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Orlando, Fla. (AP) – A doctor says six people wounded in the Orlando nightclub shooting are “critically ill” at the hospital and another five patients are in “guarded” condition.

Dr. Michael Cheatham of Orlando Regional Medical Center made the announcement at a news conference June 14.

Cheatham says 16 patients at the hospital are in stable condition.

The people were wounded when a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub early June 12.

A man who survived the Pulse shooting says he thought “I’m next, I’m dead” as the gunman fired toward his head.

Angel Colon described the horrific night he survived during the news conference. Appearing in a wheelchair with the doctors and nurses who treated him nearby, Colon talked about what happened early June 12 at Pulse.

He says the gunman shot a girl next to him and then shot his hand and his hip. He says he pretended to be dead and the gunman kept firing his gun.

Colon says at times the gunman was shooting people who appeared that they had already been killed.

He thanked the hospital staff and said “I will love you guys forever.”

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