Orlando Fringe 2016 breaks all the right records!

By : Billy Manes
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As we gear up for our BIG GAY WEEKEND, it’s worth noting that our other BIG GAY WEEKEND – well, not necessarily “gay” – Orlando Fringe busted its girdle with another great showing. We reviewed so many shows that our collective aesthete’s heart hurts, but credit is given where credit is due, and doo doo doo doo doo doo. Congratulations to everyone who makes this such a fantastic bout with histrionics annually. We couldn’t live without the weird, and we’d never let it go, even if it tried to run away, dress like a lion, throw its legs in the air, pick its wig.

We live for Fringe love. Here are the results of this year’s roundabout. See you next year!

ORLANDO, Florida (June 2, 2016) — Ticket sales and artist payments set all set new records at this year’s Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, Executive Director George Wallace announced today.

The 25th annual festival, that ran from May 18-30 at Orlando’s Loch Haven Park, distributed 52,279 tickets [up from 42,265 in 2015]; provided $424,446 in artist payments [up from $371,153]; drew 9,500 to Kids Fringe; and sold 32 pieces of Visual Fringe.

“I am so proud,” said Wallace. “As we celebrated twenty-five years as the oldest Fringe Festival in the United States, the energy was palpable.”

The large crowds that Wallace alluded to, though, do not stop with just those who purchased tickets. Initial numbers also show that overall attendance — which includes all free entertainment venues, such as the Fringe outdoor stage area — also increased by 20 percent. With 148 ticketed shows, Festival Producer Michael Marinaccio reports more than 1,800 artist passes being distributed, an all-time record.

“We couldn’t have done this without our friends and supporters, the Board of Directors, sponsors and our full-time staff, our amazing contingent of volunteers, and, of course, the general public — many of whom enjoyed Fringe for the first time,” Wallace added. “A lot of work was put into this celebratory festival; now, we can rest. But not for long, as we will soon begin preparing for next year’s Fringe.”

Next year’s festival will be its 26th year, and Fringe organizers, including Wallace and Marinaccio have already begun planning. Festival dates have yet to be officially announced. Visit www.OrlandoFringe.org for news and updates.


The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival is the longest running Fringe in the United States. It is a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF) and the World Fringe Network and follows the CAFF mandate to remain 100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible for artists and audiences alike, with 100% of ticket sales given back to the artists. Orlando Fringe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and receives generous funding from Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs, United Arts of Central Florida, City of Orlando and the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

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