Issue 23.11: Orlando’s Big Gay Weekend

By : Jake Stevens
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FEEL THE BERN(hard): Sandra Bernhard brings her politics, music and inimitable attitude to Orlando, Orlando’s Big Gay Weekend is has arrived, Brevard Schools anit-discrimination protections headed to final vote, transgender performer found dead in Haines City, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 23.11 // June 2-15, 2016

On the Cover | Page 33
Sandra OH, MY!: Comedian Sandra Bernhard talks politics, parties and her P. House visit with Watermark’s Billy Maines.

Leadership Hunt | Page 13
The Metropolitan Business Association and the Central Florida GLBT Center are both looking for new executive directors.

Eyes on Polk County | Page 16
Lakeland tries to celebrate Polk Pride while the murder of a Haines City transgender woman is rocking the community.

Weighing In? | Page 21
Florida Rep. Janet Adkins asked State AG Pam Bondi to weigh in on Obama’s directive on public school bathroom policies.

Puppet Masters | Page 35
The Mad Cow Theatre brings the Tony-award winning musical Avenue Q to Orlando for Pride month.

Cyndi Lauper | Page 39
“I’d play Baby Jane – I’d be torturin’ her. Because she’s always viewed as the bad girl, you know! They’d make her the good girl and I’d be the bad one.”
—Cyndi Lauper on which role she would play if she and Madonna were to remake What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Uprisings | Page 62
Attacking Barney Frank, the Federal Government and Facebook posts; this week in politics sure has a lot of people in fighting stances. FINISH HIM!

This issue comes with GD2016: Watermark’s Complete Guide to Orlando’s Big Gay Weekend

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