Orlando Fringe 2016 Review: The Space Pirate Puppy Musical

By : Nicole Dudenhoefer
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Tasty Monster Productions Presents: The Space Pirate Puppy Musical
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With a title like The Space Pirate Puppy Musical, this production is expected to entertain and it certainly does not disappoint.

The audience must bounce their attention between the shifting characters as the four cast members take on the roles of the dogs, pirates, and a ninja kitten, oh my!

Humans have disappeared from Earth because of their obsession with space, as in, the personal space confined in their hands: smartphones. The only beings left are those without opposable thumbs and it is now up to the dogs to save the planet.

The Dog-Star Fleet must embark on an intergalactic mission to stop the Space Pirates from turning their home planet into a parking lot for a new amusement spot on the moon. Along the way we see the group of misfit mutts overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges with the help of a porcupine and the oracle turtle.

The Space Pirate Puppy Musical is an amusing hour-long production that is suitable for family members of any age. One of the most entertaining features of the show is seeing the dog disguised as a Space Pirate struggle with is identity as he tries to hide his howls for acceptance and love from his fellow scallywags.

If you’re looking for a silly, light-hearted production that ends happily ever after, The Space Pirate Puppy Musical is a great option this Fringe Festival.

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